Cherry Blossom LED pre-lit trees


Cherry Blossom LED pre-lit trees are a special lighting option. In Japan, cherry trees have their own annual festival and cherry blossom is seen as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.

So, as you gather to celebrate life’s most precious moments why not style your event with our Cherry Blossom LED pre-lit trees?

Our pre-lit trees, which stand 1.9m tall and come with a stable metal stand, are easy to assemble. They use a standard 13amp socket. The lights are contained in each blossom, so there is no need for you waste time twirling fairy lights around the trees’ branches. Their width can be adjusted to suit your available space.

These Cherry Blossom trees cost £250 each to buy new.

So why not hire them from us for just £60 per tree? We have two.