The Magic Selfie Mirror’s touch-screen technology is easy to use – so easy that our six-year-old has mastered it!

Watch a video of the Magic Selfie Mirror in action.

Forget photobooth-style headshots…the Magic Selfie Mirror takes full-length photos, which is great for showing off your special outfit – or those shoes you never knew you could dance in. And it’s perfect when you need to strike a pose with friends and family!

You can add you own logo or event details to prints. You can also personalise each print with Snapchat-style doodles and messages.

When not being used, the Magic Selfie Mirror is a big, glamorous mirror.

The hire price includes:

* Three hours of Magic Selfie Mirror hire

* Delivery and collection

* An experienced member of the Imagination Event Hire team, who will be present throughout the three-hour hire period.

* Unlimited prints during the three-hour hire period.